Activity: 5 elements

Learning Activity:  5 Elements of TCM 

TCM = Traditional Chinese Medicine

Activity Objective:

To examine the basics of 5-element shiatsu in order to determine if it’s right for you

  • What are the 5-elements?

Activity Instructions:

  • Read 5-elements framework and the elements personality-type.
  • Take the 5-elements personality-type quiz
  • Go to the title of the element (above) of your personality-type and click on to read.
  • Choice: You can read about the other elements. Just click on the title of the other elements (above)
  • Next, you have two choice:

Choice 1: Write a poem about the element of your choice (look at the examples above).

Choice 2: Design a visual representation (e.g.,infographic, meme, mindmap, or poster) of your understanding of the 5-elements.

You will share your element personality-type and your choice activity in our online community. And comment on two other community member posts.   

Now you have a self-care plan and you have examined the basics of 5-element shiatsu. But how do you know if it’s right for you? The best way is to try it out!

I hope these activities have helped you better understand your self-care plan and how receiving 5-element shiatsu might help improve your self-care plan!

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Self-reflection: Do you feel you have meet the learning objectives? Why? Why not?

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